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Jerry Liversage Ministries, Inc.

Author/Teacher: Rev. Jerry J. Liversage, DBAC, RAS

BRIEF MINISTRY HISTORY - While serving as Senior Pastor at his first church in 1996, Jerry founded "Jerry Liversage Ministries, Inc." in 2003. This evangelistic preaching ministry expanded in 2007 to include the area of drug and alcohol recovery. It was during this time "Responding Recovery Ministries" was born and added to Jerry Liversage Ministries,Inc..



Jerry soon authored and published  a Christ-Centered Workbook called Responding 12-step Recovery, designed for small groups and individuals seeking God’s prescription for Biblical recovery.



A DVD teaching series is also available to small group facilitators (see "info center" on home page for further information).


He has also completed a new writing project called Presence, Power, and Purpose, in a Lying World, which will be published in 2020.




YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Two YouTube channels exist through this ministry. They are:

Jerry Liversage Ministries, Inc.

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 Responding Recovery Ministries

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CHRISTIAN COUNSELING- Along with other ministries, Jerry serves as a Christian Couselor.  He believes in the wholeness of life through a God initiated healing and journey with the person of Jesus Christ. To schedule an appointment, contact Responding Recovery Ministries on the "contact us" link located on this home page.   



MUSIC - The Liversage’s also recorded a Gospel CD called Just Worship. For a complete list of products available, see the “products” and/or "ministries" link on the home page. 



JERRY'S EDUCATION -Jerry received his education at Cross Style Global Ministries, Anaheim Christian College, Nazarene Bible College, Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute,  Breining Institute, and New Gate College.

Jerry is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC), a Certified Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselor (CDAAC), and a Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS). 

He also holds a  Masters of Biblical Addiction Counseling (MBAC) and a Doctorate of Biblical Addiction Counseling (DBAC).


















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