• Cheyanna, Shylynn and Holly
  • Weekly Bakery Distribution at Huntington Westminster Apartments
  • Responding Recovery Food Outreach
  • Responding Recovery at Point Loma Nazarene University Convention


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It has been estimated that approximately 55.3 million people will die each year. This translates into approximately 105 people who die each minute.  A large majority will not enter Heaven. You can DO SOMETHING about this devastating fact!


 Jerry Liversage Ministries, Inc./Responding Recovery Ministries

Vision Statement

To become transformed in Christlikeness through His Word, while becoming equipped to distribute the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 Mission Statement

Our MISSION is His MISSION, which is to carry the Power of the Gospel WHEREVER, WHENEVER to WHOMEVER. 


Available to your Organization:

  • Christ-Centered Evangelistic Preaching
  • Revival or Seminar Events
  • Praise and Worship Music (see "Products" link on home pg. 
  • Responding Recovery Television (see "Responding Recovery TV" link on home pg.) 
  • Biblical Focused Recovery Workbook Called Responding 12-Step Recovery (see "Products" link on home pg. - authored by Jerry Liversage)
  • DVD Recovery teaching series called Responding12-Step Recovery  - DVD Workbook Companion Teaching Series  (see "Products" link on home pg. - authored by Jerry Liversage)


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Responding 12 Step Recovery Workbook


Responding 12 Step Recovery Workbook - Purchase through this website. Click "Products" on home page.

Or you can order through your local Christian Book Store, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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Teaching DVD Companion to Responding 12 step Recovery Workbook

Jerry and Hollys Gospel CD

To order your copy of Just Worship gospel CD,  go to products on the top of this page. 

New Book Soon Coming

   Presence, Power, and Purpose in a Lying World 

The Devils Song of Seduction

Jerry Liversage's new book deals with the Counterfeit World Kingdom, which appears to be genuine, authentic, and real. The sole purpose and mission of this elusive, deceptive Kingdom are to deceive and lead you away from the Triune Presence of God, the Power of God, and the Purposes of God revealed in Jesus Christ.  Sin has caused all of God’s creation to fall from the state of truth, perfection and grandeur to an alluring counterfeit maze of deception, lies, and destruction. As a result, the world is subject to frustration, bondage, decay and spiritual death so that it cannot fulfill its intended purpose. This deceptive and destructive theology has even found its way into some church settings.

But there’s a way out! It’s a simple answer to a very complex and elusive issue, which has eternal consequences. We must make the decision to walk the narrow road of TRUTH through God’s Word- Jesus!



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