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We have been in a week-by-week study through the entire book of Revelation since 2021.  

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All previous messages from 2021 and 2022 are archived but if you have an interest in past messages, please contact us by using the "contact us" module located on the bottom right-hand corner of the home page. We will be glad to supply you with these past messages/studies from previous years. 


5/21/2023 https://fccdl.in/ioGRfY55Xh Revelation 3:7-22 National Every day of Prayer: The State of the Church -Part 3

5/14/2023 https://fccdl.in/LguRnAPVWn Revelation 2:18-3:6 National Every day of Prayer: The State of the Church -Part 2

5/7/2023 https://fccdl.in/qqXfDg7w6o Revelation 2:1-17 National Every day of Prayer: The State of the Church -Part 1



4/16/2023 https://fccdl.in/mEFX9nExKH Jonah 1:9-17 Jonah’s Prayer and God's Answer – Part 1



3/26/2023 https://fccdl.in/8OreUPkc7g Jonah 1:1-9 Jonah’s Disobedience Resulted in a Storm

3/12/23 https://fccdl.in/OuMulXrX28 Revelation 22:18-21 A Warning: Surely, I Am Coming Quickly!   Please excuse the first 17 minutes of this service as we experienced an injured church member prior to opening of the Sunday Service. The service will begin after approximately 17 minutes, so stay tuned.

3/5/2023 https://fccdl.in/VNId8uAhXh Special Gospel Men's Choir- Christian Edition (CE). This recording is under copywrite permission and cannot be used by any sale or reproduction.  



2/26/2023 https://fccdl.in/U9wo2Su6tp Revelation 22:12-17 Jesus Testifies to the Churches – Part 2

2/19/2023 https://fccdl.in/y0Eicdalht Revelation 22:12-17 Jesus Testifies to the Churches – Part 1

2/12/2023 https://fccdl.in/SurBUa9xYv Revelation 22:1-11 The River of Life and The Time Is Near - Part 2 

2/5/2023 https://fccdl.in/4oRc2u8koz Revelation 22:1-11 The River of Life and The Time Is Near - Part 1 



1/29/23 https://fccdl.in/3bpcSyTE2W Revelation 21:22-27 27 The Glory of the New Jerusalem

1/15/2023 https://fccdl.in/HGGaQnxq6o Daniel 10:1-21 The Refusal of Outside Influence (we will return to our Revelation study on 1/29/23)

1/01/2023 https://fccdl.in/3FmHCr7bAf Joshua 1:1-18 God's Commission and the Order to Go (we will return to Revelation study on 1/29/23)

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